My name is Jannik and I was born in 1996 in Eutin, in Northern Germany, and currently live in Hamburg city.

Music has always played a major role in my life, and it all began in kindergarten, when I got in trouble for drumming on tables and windows. 

A few years later, my parents gave me an acoustic drumset for my birthday, which I made myself familiar with – later the same happened with a keyboard. Over the years I learned to play the instruments by ear and spent every available minute playing. When I was about 12 years old, I first came into contact with a DAW program and started producing my own music. The next few years I got to compose some music for audiobooks, indie games and amateur movies. Aside from that, my original music library steadily grew to feature music especially made for movie trailers. 

In 2018 then I first got the chance to compose the entire soundtrack for Raft – an indie survival game from Sweden, which actually went on to become an international hit and bestseller. Over the past years I continued composing pieces as the game developed further. 

Throughout this project I rose up to many new challenges and gained a ton of experience along the way. I became a freelancer and now also work part-time in a company as a composer. 

However, I‘m very much open to additional work! So if your project is still missing the right music and you might be interested in getting me on board, hit me up (all non-committal) via Mail.

I have a soft spot for indie games so I‘m always happy to take a look at projects especially in this category! 🙂

You want to know what I work with? Take a look at me equipment!
I have a really broad taste in music. Here’s a little impression (UPDATED: 15.06.24):

Feel free to contact me right here!